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In the recent decades the Municipality of Lastovo is engaged in the rehabilitation and affirmation  of Uble in the consciousness of Lastovo people and far beyond. Recently, Municipality of Lastovo tried to revive public buildings on the town square and in this context they are putting forward the plans to restore Casa del fascio as a summer cinema, with the help of Association Dobre Dobričević. Also, as a specific touristic destination, Municipality is planning to renovate the hotel in its original architecture and put Uble on the cultural and touristic map of  Adriatic sea. We are looking forward in our further cooperation with Municipality as a main partner and Association Dobre Dobričević as Friend of the Route within the territorial frames of Uble and island of Lastovo, as well as outside of it.



Heritage Go Pro

HERITAGE GO PRO LTD  is a company that is specialized for a wider area of cultural heritage. It currently offers a supportive role to the projects conducted by both Association Dobre Dobričević and Municipality of Lastovo, and they are supervising the scientific aspect  within the frame of ATRIUM projects. The operative demands often demand the wide spectrum of  various experts or the whole teams of specialized professionals, and HERITAGE GO PRO fulfills this role during our work in ATRIUM.