LA. colonia in the context of ATRIUM network


       We hereby present the manifestation LA. colonia: Cultural Heritage – The Legacy of Mediterranean,  consisted of the two-week socio-cultural and artistic residence and one-week conference. It is organized by the ASSOCIATION DOBRE DOBRIČEVIĆ from the island of Lastovo (the official Friend of the Route in ATRIUM) and company HERITAGE GO PRO which also coordinates the various activities concerning the ATRIUM network. This socio-cultural and artistic residence will be focused on the paradigm of Uble settlement. Since the completion of the application process for the ATRIUM network opened many possibilities to properly define and prepare Uble for the sake of promotion of the common goals that all ATRIUM members share with one another.

        The aforementioned colony will pinpoint the various themes and concerns that Uble inhabitants and visitors are dealing with, such as the urban dilapidation and decay. These issues will be explained, demonstrated and then adapted to fit the purposes of the creative process and research. It is important to notice that the one of the specific points also concerns the legacy of Uble, mainly connected with its grand construction phases during the administration of the Italian fascist government, and also, on the smaller scale, during the times when Lastovo was semi-closed island of military importance for the Yugoslav People’s Army.  Finally, it will try to valorize and interpret the public spaces of the Uble urban area and its vicinity for the sake of adapting it for various cultural, artistic and socio-economic purposes.


        The colony is currently in progress as it has started in  15th of June, and it will be conducted until 18th of same month. Furthermore, the day after the end of workshop/colony, 18th of June, the conference phase of the manifestation will start, and it will attract various cultural workers. The mayor topics will be the characteristics of the island: its carnival, called Poklad, the history and construction of the island’s unique chimneys, fumari, Rector’s palace and also Uble as the first example of Italian rationalism on the Eastern coast of Adriatic. Also, the other important topic is the usage of island localities as film sets, inside of which we will point out the presentation of two films of the Italian director Enrico Masi. First one, The Golden Temple, that deals with the negative social consequences of the London Olympics in East London, and the second one, Sinai, concerns the everyday life in the small village in the hinterlands of Hvar island.



      Other topics will concern the networking of and architecture and urbanism of the Dalmatian coast and islands, embracing both past and present. Also we have one interesting topic that concerns the horticultural planning adapted for the cultural landscape of Dalmatia. Finally, we are looking forward on presenting the results of our project to every ATRIUM member and other associates, and it would hopefully act as the stepping stone in developing our shared values.

Last, but not the least.

We hereby use this opportunity also to show our appreciation for the ATRIUM network, and following partners:



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